First Week!

August 11, 2011 at 12:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

The first three days have been great! I talked up the course and kept throwing the question to the students: “What do you think computer science is?”  I got all kinds of answers.

  • Programming
  • Making the computer do what you want it to do
  • Computer Science includes hardware
  • Understanding / comprehending the capability of computers
    And others.

One student’s answer of “hardware” posed the question “should computer science include hardware?”  My response was yes; it includes hardware… but from what perspective? Is it understanding the terminology?  Is it understanding how to put it together and how to wire it? Or is it to understand the actual operations and how to make a computer hardware work?

I expect that as time goes on, the students understanding of what computer science is will expand and become more refined.

Lightbots 2.0 is a great success! Students have just started working and solving the various tutorials.  One of the students said “I like this class! We get to play games.” They will be creating their own levels the rest of the week and testing each other’s games. It should be interesting and fun. Teaching students the need for modularity and use of functions is very easy in Lightbots 2.0. It is the best tool I have seen so far to explain functions.

We are going to finish this week with the question “How is using Lightbots 2.0 related to programming?”  The students’ answers should be insightful.

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