Impact of Computer Science

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Lightbots concluded very nicely with the students creating their own levels. The level editor is quite powerful. One of the girls created a really neat problem with a lot of conditionals!  By going and playing with another team’s puzzles they interacted with each other and challenged each other. I asked them to reflect on their experience with LightBots and how it was related to programming. One student said, “it was a good experience and a great ice-breaker.” Another student said that while at first some levels seemed impossible, the straightforward commands “gave you the feeling of simplicity”.

We started today trying to understand the impact of computer science on society. I find that students have quite a good idea of the different ways that computer science impacts society. During a brainstorming session,  ideas of ways that were thrown out were communication, music, shopping, movies, social media, motion sensing, video gaming, e-books and many more.  As a project activity students paired up and chose one of the topics to research and create a presentation on (using one of the Web 2.0 tools).  As I write this students are still picking out their research topics and picking out a tool. There was a lot of excitement in the class as I went around and spoke to the students.

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