Web Hosting and firewall issues

November 11, 2011 at 5:34 am | Posted in Uncategorized | Leave a comment

We are officially done with the web development component. I think I am ready to say that other than the cyber security topic the students have a good understanding of the Internet and its infrastructure.

I asked the students to describe the web design activity and the challenges they faced in one word. Their responses was very interesting. The most common responses were communication and teamwork.

I had one very interesting one; he said “pineapple”. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked him to explain. He said, that it was metaphor and in many ways his experience with web designing resembled his experiences that he has when he sees a pineapple. Initially, I thought he was joking, but I soon realized he was quite serious. While I could not completely relate to the analogy,  I promised him I would add it to my blog.

A few students mentioned challenging. And I think I agree. Adobe products have grown unnecessarily complicated. Creating a simple 4 page website using HTML and a web editor should be easier than what Dreamweaver has evolved to become over years.

I am trying to host the webpages on our school webserver. I would like for the students to be able to do an ftp activity in class. This would help them understand the protocols and the actual process of hosting. However, it is not possible to install the ftp software on the school machines. I am trying to get this installed so the students themselves can upload their webpages and have it run online.

I am at a Grace Hopper conference and the CSTA leadership cohort meeting this weekend. This has been a very informative, but exhausting day.

But as Robert Frost once said…

Miles to go before I sleep.

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