Assessments for CS Principles

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Exam week is here. For the CS Principles class this required some thought. What did I want to assess my students on? Their performance final was an open-ended project in any one of the topics that they had previously worked on. So for their actual final I decided to make it a multiple choice problem solving / logic based test.

Students performed well. Once we come back I am going to talk to them about it and get some feedback on what my students think of problem solving.

Moving on to planning for the next semester….


CS Ed Week @ North

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Looking back at this I must say that this week has been the most exciting week in the entire semester.  There was a lot of enthusiasm among the students.  Monday and Tuesday we had students present their projects during class.  All students were given a rubric which they used to critique their classmates.  It is quite interesting… Students are very critical of each other and they are willing to set the bar quite high for themselves and for their class.

Wednesday was the formal judging. We had everything set up for the judges: rubrics, projects running on computers and lists of the students’ names that had entered. Our judges were very impressed at the work of our students and the feedback was extremely positive.

Friday was a day to remember! We had a speaker: a consultant from Dell Technologies. It was fabulous to hear his say things that I am always stating: “Computer jobs are not going away”. “Computer Science is not just programming,” and many more things that really made the students sit up and listen. In the evening we had a showcase and an awards ceremony for our winners and other computer science parents. All projects were showcased and the entire event was a huge success! Websites, video editing, graphic design, game design, cellphone programming and robot design were among the projects that were on display.

This week being CS Ed week, I tried to spread the computer science around the school. Each day I sent an email to the entire school with a significant fact about computer science education.  One that I think worth mentioning is talking about the CS Pledge on the CS Ed Week website and asking readers to take it. Have you taken the CS Ed Week Pledge? As it is a busy time of the year I did not expect extensive teacher participation.  Judging by the responses, I can say that in the very least I increased awareness.

Computer Science has made its mark in the North Gwinnett community.

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