Following the Software Development Cycle

April 22, 2012 at 10:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

         As a cumulative end of the year project my students are going to design a software product that should be marketable.  I want the students to follow the entire software development cycle.  They will start with gathering the requirement specifications and understanding the need of the industry they are working in (could be cars – a popular choice-, medicine, entertainment, etc.). The next step is to create an abstraction.  Students will be turning in a flowchart or a pseudo code of the product they plan to create. The software created then will be tested using test cases created. Finally they will create a market brochure and flyers for advertisement. The final deliverable in this project is a 10 minute classroom presentation to one of their favorite teachers in the school.

            In all, students have 10 deliverables and have a timeline by when each deliverable is due.  This week, they brainstormed among themselves and came up with ideas to create a project. They had to decide what their industry was, and who their customer was. One that I loved was two students who want to build a model for a new kind of fishing boat. They want to prototype the model using Photoshop and create an advertisement video using iMovie.

            Another interesting happening this week, was conducting the AP pilot in the CS Principles class.  The test was online. There was a mixed reaction from the students about the tests. There were students who felt they were very well prepared and the others who felt intimidated. As usual the programming/ algorithmic questions are the ones that the students felt most uncertain about.


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  1. Love this idea! I really like the connection to the Big-Ideas of CS Principles. Would you be willing to share the 10 deliverables?

    • Yes! I am glad you brought this up.
      This (shown below) is what I gave my students. When all was done, I think we ended with 7 deliverables.

      Students will design software following the software development cycle.
      Students will pick an industry and research to find a need for a software product. Once these have been identified students will create the following items. Each item is a deliverable with established deadlines and grades associated with it.

      I. Requirement specifications: Identification of the tool and the product.
      Due April 27th
      II. Abstract the product using flowcharts, UML diagrams and a pseudo code.
      Due May 1st
      III. The actual software product: (Counts as a performance final): Due May 9th
      IV. Marketing Brochure and Flyer. Due May 11
      V. Students will present the project to the class and a teacher of choice.

  2. Perfect!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

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